• PA Engine API

    Through the PA Engine API, request analytics for multi-asset class performance, attribution, and risk, including the flexibility of choosing your portfolio, benchmark, return period, and more.

  • Model Portfolio API

    Through the Model Portfolio API, you can accomplish what-if analysis by uploading a paper portfolio to test out a new strategy or prospective opportunity.

  • SPAR Engine API

    Through the SPAR API (Style, Performance, and Risk) monitor your portfolios’ returns against equity and fixed income benchmarks, and peer universes, with MPT risk statistics such as beta, standard deviation, r-squared, alpha, and tracking error…

  • Vault API

    Through the Vault API, request validated pre-calculated returns and attribution data archived in Portfolio Vault to streamline your official performance and reporting workflows.

  • Symbology API

    FactSet Symbology API provides symbol resolution services, allowing users to translate from familiar market symbols to FactSet's native symbology. FactSet's symbology sits at the center of its hub-and-spoke data model, enabling you to quickly…

    Coming Soon
  • FactSet Prices API

    Gain access to comprehensive global coverage for equity prices, returns, volume, shares, splits, and dividends. Security types include Common Stock, ADR, GDR, Preferred, Closed-ended Fund, Exchange Traded Fund, Unit, Open-ended Fund, Exchange…

    Coming Soon
  • FactSet Fundamentals API

    Gain access to current, comprehensive, and comparative information on securities in worldwide developed and emerging markets. Composed of annual and interim/quarterly data and detailed historical financial statement content, FactSet Fundamentals…

    Coming Soon
  • FactSet Estimates API

    20+ years of comprehensive estimates and statistics on a wide variety of financial statement items as well as industry-specific metrics. FactSet’s consensus estimates are aggregated from a wide base of contributors and cover over 19,000 active…

    Coming Soon
  • Benchmark Constituents API

    Returns Benchmark Constituent data including weights, price, and market value for a specified date.

    Coming Soon
  • FactSet Ownership API

    FactSet’s Fund Ownership API gives access to underlying fund holding details for a specified fund ID or list of IDs. Holdings details include industry codes, security identifiers, adjusted market value, adjusted shares held, and issue type.

    Coming Soon
  • FactSet RBICS API

    A Comprehensive structured taxonomy to classify companies by what they primarily do. FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) delivers a granular view for investors by classifying companies using a bottom-up approach…

    Coming Soon
  • Market Intelligence API

    The Market Intelligence API is a feed for the latest market, economic and portfolio-specific data. This API Service will allow Clients to receive data for MI Reports in Raw JSON format.

    Coming Soon
  • Quotes API for digital portals

    The quotes API combines endpoints for retrieving security end-of-day, delayed, and realtime prices with performance key figures and basic reference data on the security and market level.

  • Time Series API for digital portals

    Time series data, end-of-day or intraday, tick-by-tick or subsampled. Additional vendor-specific endpoints provide a modified interface for seamless integration with the ChartIQ chart library.

  • Price Alerting API for digital portals

    Basic Price Alerting deals with generation of alerts based on current price data. Users can define an upper or lower limit and choose on which price type those limit conditions apply.

  • Recommendation List API for Digital Portals

    Manage lists of financial products via a CMS or upload job, including revision control.

  • Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio APIs for Digital Portals

    Watchlists keeps track of users’ individual investment objectives.  The virtual portfolio empowers investors to define, track and realize their mid-to long-term financial strategies and is geared towards investment decision support in the self-…

    Coming Soon
  • News API for Digital Portals

    Retrieve news by category, identifier, and keyword, for a specific date or range of dates. Endpoints can be subscribed for streamed updates.

    Coming Soon
  • Stocks API for Digital Portals

    Search for equity instruments based on stock-specific parameters, request EOD benchmark key figures and selected fundamentals (end of fiscal year and potential daily updates).

  • Procure to Pay: Provisioning

    Create individual users and manage users’ attributes, entitlements and security settings. 

  • Procure to Pay: Catalog and Inventory

    Return available roles, products and locations for ordering. Enumerate Workstation users and versions.

    Coming Soon
  • Procure to Pay: Invoice and Billing

    List and download available PDF invoices. Generate custom billing reports. 

    Coming Soon
  • Snapshot Exchange Datafeed API

    FactSet’s Exchange DataFeed Snapshot API provides cost-effective access to real-time and delayed global exchange data.  Proprietary technology normalizes over 200 global exchanges and 150+ data fields.  Asset types integrated include equities,…

  • Tick History API

    FactSet’s Tick History provides cost-effective access to consolidated real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes data from over 200 global exchanges and across 19 tick history fields. Asset types integrated…

  • IRN Meetings API

    Meetings API allows users to create, update and delete their meetings and appointments in Internal Research Notes application.

  • IRN Notes API

    Notes API allows users to create, update and delete their notes in the Internal Research Notes application.

  • IRN Configuration API

    Config API allows users to read and update configuration and settings of the Internal Research Notes.