• PA Engine API

    Through the PA Engine API, request analytics for multi-asset class performance, attribution, and risk, including the flexibility of choosing your portfolio, benchmark, return period, and more.

  • Model Portfolio API

    Through the Model Portfolio API, you can accomplish what-if analysis by uploading a paper portfolio to test out a new strategy or prospective opportunity.

  • SPAR Engine API

    Through the SPAR API (Style, Performance, and Risk) monitor your portfolios’ returns against equity and fixed income benchmarks, and peer universes, with MPT risk statistics such as beta, standard deviation, r-squared, alpha, and tracking error…

  • Vault API

    Through the Vault API, request validated pre-calculated returns and attribution data archived in Portfolio Vault to streamline your official performance and reporting workflows.

  • PA Batch API (Retiring by 10/31/19)

    Through the PA Batch API, request analytics in larger capacities, including the flexibility of requesting multiple portfolios, benchmarks, and return periods.

  • Quotes API for digital portals

    The quotes API combines endpoints for retrieving security end-of-day, delayed, and realtime prices with performance key figures and basic reference data on the security and market level.

  • Time Series API for digital portals

    Time series data, end-of-day or intraday, tick-by-tick or subsampled. Additional vendor-specific endpoints provide a modified interface for seamless integration with the ChartIQ chart library.

  • Procure to Pay: Provisioning

    Create individual users and manage users’ attributes, entitlements and security settings. 

  • Procure to Pay: Catalog and Inventory

    Return available roles, products and locations for ordering. Enumerate Workstation users and versions.

    Coming Soon
  • Procure to Pay: Invoice and Billing

    List and download available PDF invoices. Generate custom billing reports. 

    Coming Soon
  • Snapshot Exchange Datafeed API

    FactSet's Exchange DataFeed solutions provide cost-effective access to real-time and delayed global exchange data. Proprietary technology normalizes over 200 global exchanges and 150+ data fields. Asset Types integrated include equities, futures…

    Coming Soon
  • Tick History API

    Tick History API provides tick data for a specific security intra-day or historically. History is available for all quotes and trades for a trailing 6 months or 1-year, respectively. Quotes and trade data for Options is available for 30 days.…

    Coming Soon
  • IRN Meetings API

    Meetings API allows users to create, update and delete their meetings and appointments in Internal Research Notes application.